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Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia

Štefanova ulica5

1000 Ljubljana



tel.: + 386 1 478 60 01

fax: + 386 1 478 60 58



Office hours:

  • Monday and Friday from 9 am to 12 noon
  • Wednesday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 4 pm

Minister of Health

Samo Fakin



Samo Fakin graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, in 1984 and completed his residency in family medicine. He is very well acquainted with the how the healthcare system works, since he performed several duties at various levels. 
He began his career as a general practitioner at the Community Health Centre in Trbovlje, where he worked for ten years. From 1992 to 1994 he also acted as the Director of this Centre. 

From 1994 to 1996 he was an advisor to the Director-General of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia for healthcare economics, directly responsible for supervising the financing of healthcare system.
In 1996, he took over the management of the third largest hospital in Slovenia, the General Hospital in Celje, for six years. 


Following this managerial function, he was an international expert of the European Agency for Reconstructions as well as an assessor and member of the Jurors group of the PRSPO Board (The Republic of Slovenia's Business Excellence Prize). 


In 2007 he was appointed the Director General of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. During his tenure as director he actively worked on updating accounting models at various levels of health care system.
From 2016 on he has continued his professional career at the Slovenian spa Thermana Laško as President of its Management Board.
As a physician in the Slovenian Armed forces, he was awarded in the Slovenian Independence War. 
On 13 September 2018, Mr Samo Fakin was appointed as Minister of Health.  

He is married and has two daughters.


State Secretary

Pia Vračko


Pia Vračko graduated from the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Medicine in 2001. She obtained her specialist degree in Public Health cum laude in 2012 and graduated as a Master of Science degree in international economics cum laude from the Faculty of Economics, at the University of Ljubljana. She was awarded the Zois scholarship for gifted students.

She started her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2005, she continued her physician career at the National Institute of Public Health. Until 2012, she helped coordinate the inter-ministerial cooperation for environmental health and cooperated with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Europe in implementing the European Environment and Health Process. From 2013 to 2017 she headed the Programme for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases in Adults. In 2015 she participated in the project "Analysis of the Health Care System of Slovenia", carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Observatory for Health Systems and Policies, and in the formulation of the National Health Care Plan 2016–2025 "Together for a Healthy Society". In 2016 and 2017, Pia Vračko was involved in coordinating the process and drafting the Strategy for the Development of Primary Health Care in Slovenia and participated in the European Commission's Expert Group's work on the Development of Tools for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Primary Health Care Systems. In 2017 and 2018, she has been coordinating the Essential Public Health Operations process in Slovenia, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Since 2017 she has been involved in the joint project of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia and the WHO Regional Office for Europe, aiming to develop tools and approaches to assess the economic, environmental and social impacts of health care sector to local communities, carried out by the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development in Venice, Italy.

In her almost 15 year experience in public health, Pia Vračko has held progressively responsible roles and developed expertise in environmental health, chemical safety, epidemiology, prevention and control of chronic non-communicable diseases, monitoring and evaluating public health programmes, economic evaluations in health care, organisation of health care systems, primary health care, global health diplomacy, interministerial cooperation for sustainable development and the value of health and health care systems for the economic and social development of communities. 

Pia Vračko is currently an assistant professor of public health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana and a senior lecturer at the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Sciences. Prior to joining the Ministry of Health, she was President of the Expert Council for Public Health of the Slovenian Medical Association, member of the Expert Council of the National Institute of Public Health, member of the Governing Board of the Slovene Society of Preventive Medicine and member of the Governing Board of the Ljubljana Medical Association.


In September 2018, Pia Vračko was appointed State Secretary at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia.