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Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia

Štefanova ulica5

1000 Ljubljana



tel.: + 386 1 478 60 01

fax: + 386 1 478 60 58



Office hours:

  • Monday and Friday from 9 am to 12 noon
  • Wednesday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 4 pm


Minister of Health


Milojka Kolar Celarc graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana in 1977. She is a certified auditor and certified tax examiner. She is also a certified business valuator.


Milojka Kolar Celarc is a specialist of health-care and financial systems. In 2013, she cooperated in the working group at the Ministry of Health on amending health-care legislation. Between 2011 and 2013, she was President of the Management Board of the health insurance company Vzajemna. Prior to this, she was a member of, and an assistant to, the management board of the same company.  As an experienced tax system expert and certified auditor, she worked as Head of the Internal Audit Centre at the Sava Re Group. During 1994–2000 and 2003–2005, she was the State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance responsible for the tax and customs system, the budget revenue of the Republic of Slovenia, budget inspection and internal auditing. She successfully managed the projects of introducing VAT in the Republic of Slovenia and the project of establishing a single tax administration.


As Minister of Health, she will endeavour to strengthen the public health-care system to provide the citizens with quick and high-quality health-care services.


State Secretary



Ana Medved MD PhD graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana in 2001 and then completed a specialisation in general surgery. A master's degree in Management and Organisation followed in 2006, after which she further advanced her studies in this field with a doctorate in 2014.
Dr Medved began her professional career at Trbovlje General Hospital, which is also where she completed her specialisation in general surgery. She was Medical Director of Trbovlje General Hospital from 2011 to 2016. During this period she was responsible for leading the professional development of the hospital in accordance with its interests and capabilities. After leaving Trbovlje General Hospital
in 2016, she took up a position as Product Manager at Krka d.d., where she remained until joining the Ministry of Health.
She was appointed State Secretary at the Ministry of Health on 30 March 2017.



State Secretary

Jožica Maučec Zakotnik


Jožica Maučec Zakotnik graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, where she completed a specialisation in family medicine.
For over two decades she worked as a family practitioner, then she focused on programmes of preventive care and strengthening health and healthy lifestyles.
Since 1 July 2009 she has headed the Centre for Managing Programmes of Prevention and Strengthening Health at the National Institute of Public Health.
She was in charge of the development and implementation of national programmes to promote health and prevent chronic diseases, and also of the development, establishing and managing of the national programme for screening and early detection of pre-cancerous changes and cancer of the large intestine and rectum – the Svit Programme.
Jožica Maučec Zakotnik previously performed the office of state secretary at the Ministry of Health from 2000 to 2005.