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Areas of work


• Public health – disease prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
• Control of communicable diseases and health threats
• Control of chronic non-communicable diseases and conditions Health protection and promotion
• Prevention of risk behaviour and addiction
• Food safety
• The environment and health
• Co-financing of programmes and projects in the area of public health
• Reducing health inequalities
• Legislation on drivers
• The Resolution on the National Programme on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health 2015–2025
• The network at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels
• Reference clinics
• The emergency medical aid system
• Disaster medicine
• Quality and safety
• Healthcare personnel
• Private healthcare services
• Complementary and alternative medicine
• Patient rights
• Medicinal products
• Palliative care
• Humanitarian organisations
• Operation of public health institutions
• Investments and public procurement
• Emergency medical aid centres
• Cohesion policy implementation
• eHealth
• European affairs
• International cooperation
• Administrative and professional supervision
• Public announcements
• Conferences and consultations organised or co-organised



• Strengthening public healthcare, taking into account its financial sustainability, with an emphasis on maintaining the right to compulsory health insurance that is as comprehensive as possible, and a clearer demarcation between public and private healthcare services (abolition of the supplementary health insurance).
• Ensuring the financial sustainability of the compulsory health insurance scheme by way of achieving greater solidarity in terms of users' contributions and the greatest possible preservation of existing rights.
• Implementing a transparent and uniform public procurement system in healthcare in order to ensure efficient produrement of medicinal products, medical devices and other equipment for the needs of healthcare services;
• Reorganising the management, operation and supervision of public health institutions and increasing the liability of the directors and councils thereof.