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Responsibilities of the Public Health Directorate

The Public Health Directorate strives to prevent diseases among the entire population, and hence reduce the burden of disease both on individuals and for the whole society, by protecting and promoting mental and physical health and ability through organised social activities.

The Directorate covers the following fields:
• participation in preparing and amending laws, collective agreements, development strategic and other documents;
• drafting of expert grounds for the needs of general agreement preparation;
• restructuring health care programmes,
• participating in administrative supervision;
• international cooperation;
• planning and monitoring public service and the activities of non-governmental organisations



Director - General


tel.: + 386 1 478 60 07

fax: + 386 1 478 60 79

e-mail: mojca.gobec(at)


Division for Health Promotion and Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases

Vesna Kerstin PETRIČ

tel.:+ 386 1 478 6099

e-mail: vesna-kerstin.petric(at)


Division for Communicable Diseases, the Environment and Health, Food and Nutrition

dr. Marjeta RECEK

tel.: + 386 1 478 6007

e-mail: marjeta.recek(at)




Healthy Lifestyle

Prevention of Risk Behaviors

Control of Non-Communicable Diseases

Control of communicable Diseases