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Among its duties regarding the protection of human health and the drinking water supply and in accordance with the requirements referred to in the Environment Protection Act, (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos 41/04, 17/06, 20/06, 70/08, 108/09), the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia  Ministrstvo is responsible for issuing guidelines, opinions on the possibility of the significant effects of the plan on the environment, the conformity of environmental reports and the acceptability of the effect on the environment of implementing the plan

In the environmental assessment procedure, in accordance with Article 42 of the Environment Protection Act and Article 19 of the Decree laying down the content of environmental reports and on the detailed procedure for assessing the effects on the environment of implementing the plan, the Ministry of Health issues opinions in writing on the acceptability of the effects on the environment of implementing the plan in terms of protecting human health and the drinking water supply. Since the Ministry of Health is responsible for protecting human health against environmental impacts and is therefore one of the important operators of spatial planning, it must take a position on the significance of each plan by issuing an opinion on the possibility of significant effects on human health and the potability of drinking water and by establishing whether OP must be drafted according to legislation (Article 3 of the Decree on criteria for determining the likely significance of environmental effects of certain plans, programmes or other acts and its modifications in the environmental assessment procedure, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No 9/2009).

Protecting human health against environmental impacts is a prerequisite to preserving and strengthening health and preventing disease. In drafting documents on the impacts of activities on the environment or health, all health risk factors must be taken into account: biological, physical and chemical. Environmental impacts are connected with environmental factors such as the emissions of substances into the air as a cause of air pollution, noise, electromagnetic radiation, light pollution, waste and municipal waste water management and drinking water supply, which may significantly affect human health. Regarding human health protection against environmental impacts, on the basis of environmental legislation and expert groundwork, the Ministry of Health assesses, monitors and controls those environmental factors that are potentially harmful to human health. The Ministry issues opinions on the basis of independent expert opinions from the National Institute of Public Health or the Institute of Public Health Maribor, and also the Slovenian Radiation Protection Administration when radiation risk is concerned.

Additionally, based on the Act regarding the siting of spatial arrangements of national significance in physical space (ZUPUDPP) (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No 80/2010), the Ministry of Health is also the protective and national operator of spatial planning, participating in planning procedures with guidelines, data, expert groundwork, orientations and data from its own strategic plans, and with opinions and potential conditions for more detailed planning or project conditions.