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The Ministry of Health provides resources for co-funding scientific and research activity in the field of public health and health care.

The goal of co-funding is to make scientific grounds available to support action in the field of public health and health care, the implementation of a research and development networking programme between branches of science and research organisations and between line ministries.

The Ministry of Health co-funds target research projects and thematically focused applied research assignments and projects.


Target research programmes are target- and problem-oriented towards preparing the starting points for a coomprehensive policy and the formation of interministerial strategies. They constitute a tool and research support in the preparation of systemic solutions. The basis for determining the priorities issued by the Ministry of Health are the sectoral development planning documents and the work programme.

The priority topics or goals of the tender are:
• strategically oriented, so that they result in a decision-making proposal in a concrete issue,
• aligned with current MoH priorities,
• interdisciplinary and interinstitutional.
Apart from preparing the subjects of the tenders, the Ministry of Health also monitors projects and programmes within each TRP focus and evaluates their results.

The reports of the Target Research Project are available at the Digital Library of Slovenia:čila.



Applied research projects

The aim of the research in thematically oriented applied research projects is to transfer the results to clinical work, thus ensuring better patient treatment.
Both types of research project are implemented through the Slovenian Research Agency, which manages and coordinates all activities related to public tenders. The Slovenian Research Agency publishes a tender every year for co-financing research projects. More information is available on the SRA website (

Participation in the European Community programmes and agencies


• Support from the Ministry of Health in applying for tenders of the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC)

The Ministry of Health offers support through the national contact point in the form of notifications of tenders for funding projects on public health issued by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC), and assists the interested parties to understand the tender conditions and in finding partners.

Tenders for collecting project proposals are published on the website of the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers – EAHC